Changing Mindsets

Australia is a nation of innovators and entrepreneurs. From the invention of the Hills Hoist to Wifi, Australians have come up with some smart ideas. 


Australia needs to build on these creative ideas and in particular encourage more female entrepreneurs.  We currently lack an integrated network of girls’ entrepreneurship, innovation, and STEM education. The Academy for Enterprising Girls will deliver a high-level awareness campaign to highlight the outstanding work of existing education providers, create new girl-specific content, promote the successes of female entrepreneurs, and highlight pathways for further education.


Australia is fortunate to have a wealth of entrepreneurship and STEM program providers committed to developing tomorrow's future female entrepreneurs. The Enterprising Girls program is designed to work collaboratively with the existing sector, raising capacity and visibility whilst adding value through our own communications expertise, networks in business communities, and by leveraging the support of Government and industry.


Entrepreneurial program and education providers are encouraged to register their interest using the button below. 

Supporting Educators

Schools and teachers are passionate about improving their students' skills and experiences. Lifelong learning - whether it is design thinking, digital skills, STEM and entrepreneurship - is part of an evolving curriculum. 


The Academy for Enterprising Girls will curate a library of business, entrepreneur, STEM, marketing, and digital skills education resources for teachers to use in their classrooms. It will assist schools in directing students to external partners or resources to fuel their enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and innovation while supporting teachers' delivery of the curriculum. 

If you work in the formal education sector and would like to explore how Enterprising Girls can support you, please register your interest using the button below.