About the program

Today’s 12-year-old girls will be the entrepreneurs of 2025. We have the opportunity to provide them with the tools they need to take control of their working life, and to develop the mindset and passion for entrepreneurial and STEM-based careers. ​


The Academy for Enterprising Girls (AEG) is a newly developed, entrepreneurship program designed to cultivate young women’s skills in design thinking, coding and business skills. The Academy has been developed with thanks to grant funding for the Future Female Entrepreneur Program. 


The Academy is a place for young women to learn, discover and do and features; 


  • A one-stop-shop digital platform for students, with content on of entrepreneurship, design thinking, coding and business

  • Self-paced online learning for girls aged 10 - 18 years old

  • 50 face-to-face workshop programs across Australian throughout 2020

  • Expert advice from some of Australia’s most inspiring business people on topics such as learning to be resilient, understanding the art of problem solving, developing the confidence to bring your ideas to life 

  • An alliance of business, technology, education, community and government to encourage the next generation of Australian women leaders

Ada Lovelace Day and Competition

October 8th is Ada Lovelace Day - a global celebration of women in STEM. To encourage more Australian girls to study STEM, the Academy for Enterprising Girls today launched an international partnership with the company behind the hugely successful Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls series.


Ada Lovelace was a trailblazer, born more than 200 years ago. She used her incredible imagination to write what would become the world’s first programming language. She was a poet, a mathematician and a woman.


All girls who register their interest in Academy for Enterprising Girls workshops and online activities before 8 November 2019 will get the chance to win a free two-book pack from the international blockbuster Rebel Girl’s series. The upcoming releases, Ada Lovelace Cracks the Code and Madam CJ Walker Builds a Business, explore the lives and challenges of programming pioneer Ada Lovelace and America’s first self-made millionaire, Sarah Breedlove.

Why STEM & entrepreneurship?

This Australian Government program is keen to encourage more young women to study STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths), and to develop their entrepreneurial skills. 


With this in mind, the FFEP was formed as an alliance of government, business, technology, and education sectors is ultimately aiming to prepare young women through the Academy for a future of work reliant on innovation.

Women are critically underrepresented in (STEM) professions, and Australia is facing a significant shortfall across the pipeline of essential STEM skills providing a challenge and an opportunity.


STEM skills underpin innovation and economic growth at a national level, and at an individual level workers are increasingly required to develop employees technological and entrepreneurial

skills of problem solving, critical thinking and communications to prepare for the future of work.

A high-impact national awareness campaign will run alongside the Academy and raise the visibility and prominence of STEM.


Building an Alliance

The AEG is a comprehensive platform accessible to ALL Australian women between 10 and 18 with engaging content aimed at developing an entrepreneurial mindset. 


The digital platform will combine newly created materials supplemented with existing industry resources all in one easy location. Alongside this, a national in-person workshop program will be held in 50 locations across Australia.


Building entrepreneurial mindsets in Australia’s young women’s is an opportunity to turn ordinary issues into an economic opportunity, to turn every day workplaces into thriving businesses and ensure Australia’s next generation of women have the skills to run their own businesses or transform the industries in which they will work. This program will provide graduates with concrete skills to help secure their own economic future. 


If you're excited about the Future Female Entrepreneurs Program and would like to explore how the program can help you, register your interest using the buttons below: